• Tonight at Lula Cafe . . . and forever and ever

Logan Square’s pioneering Lula Cafe was the first to introduce another innovation a while back—the full restaurant Halloween costume. Over the years the place has dressed up as Taco Hell (with Rick Bayless himself turning up as the devil and looking for all the world like Ned Flanders), the Violent Hour (complete with block-long artsy mural), Luma’s Corner, Hell on Seven, Not Doug’s, and more.

This year Jason Hammel and company started hinting early on Facebook and Instagram, posting a supposed Tribune story about a vanished chef and a tasty pot of soup. Two more clues followed, and now we know: this year Lula’s a zombie-themed Chinese restaurant called House of Human (a pun that’s happened inadvertently on more than one Chinese menu—including the place they’re satirizing most directly, Lao Hunan), with special guest dumplings from Fat Rice. So if the line wasn’t long and frenzied enough for you at Fat Rice most nights, join tonight’s crowds of hungry flesh devourers from 7 to 11 PM; the fixed (well, it may still be squirming a little) menu is $35 plus gratuity.

No one else is dressing up for real quite like Lula Cafe, but give credit to Real Kitchen—the Lakeview prepared-foods spot started by a couple of Charlie Trotter vets—for taking it to the next metalevel. It put out a video purporting to be dressing up as Alinea for the night, which turns out to be an hilarious parody of Alinea’s approach (and the impossibility of doing it as takeout). Not since Count Floyd showed Ingmar Bergman have we seen anything this scary! Watch it below the jump (and swing by for a free cupcake, which is all they’re really doing for Halloween).

Real Kitchen as Alinea for Halloween 2013 from Dustin Puehler on Vimeo.