• Give me gin or give me death

A little part of me is jealous of Lauren Viera. It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything that inflamed as much passion as her freelance piece this week on Chicago’s alleged deficiencies in the world of spirit-exclusive craft cocktailing. On the other hand, it’s the kind of passion that sounds like hundreds of pitchforks sharpening on the grindstone. The essay makes its argument in 14 paragraphs, but I can sum it up in one:

New York has a bar and a restaurant that serves nothing but gin cocktails. It also has a bar that serves nothing but tequila drinks, where if you’re crass enough to order an old-fashioned you’re SOL. Chicago has a new, gin-focused cocktail bar also, which could have catapulted our provincial burgh into the front row. But, in fact, Scofflaw serves some cocktails made from spirits other than gin. Therefore, Chicago has for the umpteenth time failed to surpass its genetically programmed Second City status. And that just sucks.