“In my household we follow an ironclad rule now that any non-profit to which we have donated never again receives anything if they ever call us.”

That’s Paul Botts at dot-org, and he’s a lifer in the nonprofit sector! He has more:

“At every place I’ve worked, when these concerns are voiced the staff and board members think that what annoys people is the visible costs: how many trees were consumed to print that newsletter, etc. Hence they always think that online cultivation activity is all to the good in terms of donor goodwill.

“That’s increasingly wrong in my experience.”

And it sounds astonishingly obtuse to me.

He continues: “What makes more and more charitably-minded people nuts is that non-profits spend so much time and energy pestering people who have already donated! That is the thing my friends and family members always lament to me. That is what makes them roll their eyes or swear never to ‘make that mistake (of donating) again!'” Read the whole thing.

In my experience, the latest wrinkle in my experience is to follow up by asking donors to make a regular pledge (automatically, by credit card). Such requests leave me more torn than Paul, because I really like those outfits or I wouldn’t’ve given them anything in the first place.

What about you? Are you offended when the recipient of your gift asks for more?