I usually regret opening e-mails from addresses I don’t recognize, especially when the subject header is “I miss you too…” because they usually turn out to be solicitations for subliterate pornography or subliterate ads for medicines to enhance body parts I don’t have, or just possibly, subliterate stalking. But this one was special, and it wasn’t subliterate at all. It was from Thomas Dunning, the effusive jet-setter who used to spam me ALL THE TIME back in the day with news of every event in Chicago that turned his head, including his own Hoot Night events. Now that he divides his time between Chicago and Dublin, I don’t hear from him as much.

Of course, the big news he had to break his silence to announce isn’t about him at all: he’s ecstatic that iTunes and eMusic have made the long out-of-print Kate Bush tribute album I Wanna Be Kate available again. And that Bush will have a new song on the sound track for the film version of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass (Dunning dutifully sends along a picture of Kate all done up as the high-flying witch Serafina Pekkala, complete with wild goose daemon.) Dunning doesn’t get around to announcing his own news of local interest–that there’s to be an “Ambiguously Unthemed” Hoot Night show on February 27 at Schubas.