As last weekend rolled around, local MC-slash-singer Tink dropped her Winter’s Diary 2 mixtape, and in a way it pairs well with Roy French’s recent Face God. While French’s mixtape offered a colorful escape from the dreary cold snap that made running to a nearby corner store a monumental mission that required wearing piles of clothing, Tink’s new tracks embrace a certain lustrous magic in wintertime that seemed like it could’ve been lost in the polar vortex. What a difference a week and mixtape make. Tink’s in R&B-crooner mode throughout most of Winter’s Diary 2, and many of her sumptuous, sensual songs gel with the slower pace of life during the snowiest days of the year. It’s certainly more fun to embrace our frozen reality and try to smoothly glide on ice-covered sidewalks than to awkwardly waddle from place to place—and the spirit of tunes like “Lullaby” and “2 and 2” makes it all easier.

Tink dropped Winter’s Diary 2 just a handful of months after her buzzing Boss Up mixtape, and she’s been a constant presence in the local rap scene for the past couple years. She first caught my ear in 2012’s “Fingers Up,” a song that’s so good director DGainz told Complex‘s David Drake it won over some bystanders who seemed to be looking for trouble when he was filming part of the tune’s video. Tink’s been steadily releasing music since then, and I’m hoping she drops some more tracks like the ones on Winter’s Diary 2 as the year progresses.

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