As a tech junkie I’m pretty much constantly in a state of acquisition-lust for some gadget or another, but I can only rarely afford to drop significant coin on new gear. The iPad, for instance, is a lustworthy item, but so far there’s no good excuse for me to own one. I already have an iPhone, and “playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen” isn’t much of a justification. The upcoming iOS 4.2 upgrade, which will bring increased audio support to the iPad (including MIDI compatibility), might finally do it.

One hint: a preview of Algoriddim’s Djay for iPad. The app lets you cue up and play two songs from your iPad’s music library at the same time. It provides a crossfader, EQs, BPM detection, beat matching, and other essential features for spinning sans vinyl, and with an optional attachment it even offers cue previews. Yes, you can use the touchscreen interface to scratch and yes, you will definitely look like a douchebag doing it (assuming iPad DJs become ubiquitous enough that you won’t already look like a douchebag just being one).

A video preview after the jump: