In the next issue of the Reader, I have a B Side cover story about the influence of the creepy, avant-garde horror-movie soundtracks of the 70s and 80s on modern electronic musicians. My article deals specifically with the legacy of John Carpenter’s synthesizer-heavy scores, but anyone who’s at all familiar with the topic knows that Goblin has cast just as long a shadow: the band’s work has been sampled by a broad range of acts, including Raekwon, Neon Indian, and Justice, and it’s even inspired groups devoted to replicating Goblin’s psychedelic occult sound.

So while it isn’t too strange to hear the haunting, intensely creepy theme to Dario Argento’s Italo-horror masterpiece Suspiria worked into a rap or EDM song, a pair of Russian synchronized swimmers executing an Olympic routine to it is kind of amazingly fucked-up. The fact that they won the gold with their Goblin-enhanced performance is even better.

Check out the video after the jump. (This is the pair’s Olympic qualifying performance from April—presumably the same routine, or a very similar one—since NBC hasn’t made today’s video available yet.)