The Boredoms have always been good at coming up with bonktacular ideas—submerging microphones in the ocean, trying to get people to take trance-techno seriously, etc. Their latest bit of crazy genius is a plan to transform into a 77-drum percussion colossus for an event in New York on 7/7/07. Apparently the number 7 is important to the band in some way, but I figured out a long time ago that trying to understand why they do what they do takes a lot of fun out of being one of their fans. They about destroyed me with a four-drummer set last year, so I’m seriously planning on making the trip out to NYC for this, especially since their only other dates on this tour are Toronto and Calgary—another move that I won’t attempt to wrap my mind around.

Steve Krakow’s own experiment in sonic massiveness, the Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra, is set to reconvene on June 2 at the Hyde Park Art Center. I’m not trying to start any beef in the psych world, but I’m really thinking that if some eccentric billionaire wants to foot the bills for transportation and generator rental so the Guitarkestra can do a guerrilla set outside of Brooklyn Bridge Park, it could be pretty cool.