Former Daley speechwriter Dan Conley, last seen writing a totally berserk defense of Chicago politics in support of Barack Obama, actually turns on Obama w/r/t the candidate’s post-bipartisan-whatever foreign policy and his incoherence on the developing Georgia-Russian conflict. It’s interesting (via Digby). I’ve been playing catch-up on informing myself about what the hell’s going on there, but the CSM, Obsidian Wings, the WaPo, the NYT, and Lawyers, Guns, and Money are good places to start. But in sum the story seems to be that Georgia escalated a political fight it was losing into an actual battle it has no chance of winning, Russia has responded all out of proportion with the possible goal of taking control of Georgia, and there’s not really anything we can do to help. In that sense Obama’s incoherence might be more realistic and preferable to McCain’s better-articulated, more aggressive stance, even if it doesn’t reflect well on him.