This is the best op-ed ever. I should get it autographed.

In 1789, the average life expectancy of a newborn was about 40 years, compared with about 78 today. A lot of this was because of infant mortality, but in 1789, even the average life expectancy of every man who reached age 18 was only about 47. This suggests that at best a 35-year-old age limit in 1789 might have functioned then about the way a 55- or 60-year-old age qualification would function today. On this account Obama may be old enough to drive and buy a glass of white wine, but he has a way to go before he can run for president.

And it even gets better.

Under a properly flexible interpretation of this provision, one that takes into account present circumstances, Obama’s youth is constitutionally disqualifying.

Even with the qualifications that I have a fiancee in law school and an unhealthy attraction to bugnuts crazy law theory–especially when it comes from actual law professors–I stand by my assertion that I’ll never read a more awesome op-ed than this. As a well-played kind-of-satirical rejoinder to suggestions that McCain is too old: my hat is off to Steven Calabresi. (Via Digby.)

Update: As one of my friends in the legal profession points out, Calabresi is the founder of the Federalist Society.

Update II: Of course it gets better. I should know by now: “They’re actually attacking Obama’s basketball game. To me this suggests desperation verging on madness.