Former Reader staff writer Bill Wyman, who went on to jobs at Slate, Salon, and NPR, has a great A&E blog called Hitsville, the title of his old Reader column. Recently he’s been checking in with updates on the R. Kelly trial, coming soon eventually to a courtroom near you. His pole-to-post documentation of R.’s sins (and sins committed against him; as you can probably imagine, he’s quite screwed up beyond his legal problems), R. Kelly SexFacts, is compelling reading. With Public Enemy set to re-do It Takes a Nation of Millions this summer at Pitchfork, and with the Jeremiah Wright sermon perpetually in the news, now’s a good time to read his outstanding piece on the group and their follow-up, Fear of a Black Planet. The more things change, etc. And I’m not just biased because he also liked Whip-Smart.