We got an e-mail from a reader this morning saying she’d gotten a call from Aaron McKay at Schwa. She thought he was calling to confirm her reservation, but in fact he had to tell her that the restaurant was closed indefinitely.

A quick call to the restaurant confirms this. McKay didn’t want to go into details, but did say that Friday was their last service. They had planned to open for dinner on Saturday but “were unable to do that.” Yesterday the decision was made to close while some unspecified personal problems were worked out. (According to Heather Shouse over at Time Out, it’s permanent, but McKay wouldn’t go that far.) Chef Michael Carlson wasn’t available–McKay was the only one there, left with the depressing task of answering phone calls like mine.

I haven’t been to Schwa in more than a year, but the meals I had there in 2006 were hands-down among the best of my life. Burnout’s a fact of restaurant life, and obviously whatever’s going on is serious enough to warrant such drastic action, but still, it’s sad to see them go.