Lookin good

  • John Locher, AP Photos
  • Lookin’ good

If there’s a rift between Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls the Bulls won’t wind up on the right side of it, so it’s smart that they aren’t trying to. Rose apparently refused to pimp for the Bulls in order to lure a selfish, defense-deficient so-called superstar he didn’t want to play with—Carmelo Anthony—and good for him. This is the most shining hour for Rose’s character since the last algebra quiz he took for himself back at Simeon.

Anthony was a fever of the week. The Bulls prostrated themselves to get him. The obvious question—how can ‘Melo possibly fit into the Bulls culture?—was fobbed off; Thibs will find a way. Rose knew better and Anthony got the message—the incumbent superstar thinks you’re a jerk. He stayed in New York.

Says Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf: ” I can remember no time when the organization has been any more focused, optimistic, and cohesive.” He calls the Sun-Times “irresponsible” for reporting otherwise. Good for Reinsdorf. That’s how troubles get drained down the tub. Rose will either look spectacular during the coming World Cup, in which case all will be forgotten, or he won’t, in which case the troubles of the franchise will be back on him.