UPDATE: The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation will be announcing the program at a press conference August 13 at 11 AM at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Last June Tasneem Paghdiwala wrote a Reader cover story, Where Would Jesus Park?, about the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation‘s Sunday Parkways proposal, which would close some streets to motorized vehicles for bicyclists’ enjoyment on Sunday mornings. The story focused on the CBF’s clash with churches whose parishioners park illegally, with the city’s cooperation, along the parkways during services.

Today local bike advocate and occasional Reader contributor John Greenfield posted a detailed update and commentary on his blog, Vote With Your Feet. The good news, he writes, is that the program will finally start October 5. The bad news is that it will “take place on fewer days, for less miles, with more car traffic and worse scenery, than originally hoped for.” He’s got lots more details on that, plus (in scattered form) route information (click on the map that accompanies this post to enlarge).