• Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times Media
  • Mayor Rahm gets ready to squeeze contributions from rich people for a good cause.

At long last Mayor Emanuel has unveiled an initiative I can wholeheartedly support: his $50 million campaign for at-risk kids.

I read all about it in a front-page exclusive in my Sun-Times, home delivered as always.

According to the mayor, he’ll be shaking down, I mean, encouraging the richest people in town to dig into their tax-exempt, off-shore accounts and kick a shekel or two to “raise money for early intervention programs for younger kids and provide jobs, mentoring, recreating and conflict-resolution programs to give trouble teens an alternative to the gang violence that claimed the life of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton.”

In short, the mayor wants the ones who have the most to give a little to the ones who have the least in other ways besides contributing to charter schools who buy their teachers on the cheap.

Sorry, I could not resist a charter school dig.