Not strictly music-related, but it’s impossible to ever have brushed up against psychedelic culture and not stop for a moment of sorrow at this: Robert Anton Wilson has died.

A moment of silence is hardly appropriate for a man with such a joyous and noisy career, including being one of the founders of Discordianism. His Illuminatus Trilogy made the fever dreams of a million conspiracy theorists into scintillating pop-cultural punchlines (and is occasionally still mistaken for nonfiction), and he devoted his career to making the writings of countless radical thinkers from Wilhelm Reich to Aleister Crowley to his beloved James Joyce relatively comprehensible and highly relevant to people who smoke an awful lot of dope. He had a Lewis Carroll-like gift for finding the true in the absurd and the absurd in conventional wisdom (which he regarded as a contradiction in terms) and he was always fucking hilarious.

“Rest in peace” isn’t fitting either. Here’s wishing him never a dull moment in the bosom of Eris.