This week’s edition of Gossip Wolf includes a little info about Ninety-Thirty-Thirty, the forthcoming second album by Fielded, aka former Chicagoan and onetime Ga’an member Lindsay Powell; be sure to read the column for a little more about Powell’s great full-length, which local label Captcha will release Tue 4/23.

Gossip Wolf also mentions that we’ll premiere a cut off Ninety-Thirty-Thirty, “Gabrielle,” here on the Bleader. The tune is one of my favorites from the album: Powell broadens her hypnotic, minimalist synth sound into a roaring alt-pop song with an ever-so-slightly menacing edge. Take a listen to “Gabrielle” below and head to Captcha’s Bandcamp page to hear a few more tracks off Ninety-Thirty-Thirty.