Based on a sparsely attended Town Hall meeting at Malcolm X College last night, here’s what to expect at the three remaining public evaluation sessions for the draft version of the city’s new cultural plan, incubated at the Toronto headquarters of the consulting firm in charge, Lord Cultural Resources:

1. You’ll be asked to register.
2. You’ll be assigned a transponder.
3. You’ll be allowed to express your support (or lack of same) for the plan’s ten broad “priorities” by voting with your transponder (or, in case of transponder failure, with your raised hand).
4. You’ll then be asked to join a smaller group discussion focused on one of four “Ps”: People, Places, Policies, or Planning Culturally.
5. You’ll be given a printout of recommendations specific to that discussion. No hard copies of the full draft plan are available. (Check it out here.)
6. You’ll have a chance to volunteer for a role in executing the plan by filling out a “Sign-Up to Step-Up” sheet.
7. You’ll be polled on how well the draft plan “articulates your vision.”