• Rich Hein/Sun-Times
  • It may not look that way, but Governor Quinn finally stood up to Rahm

Back in the good old days—when everyone was young—Patrick Quinn was a fire-breathing populist who regularly denounced taxpayer giveaways to the wealthy and well connected.

In 1989 as a maverick lawyer, he even led a futile fight to keep Joe Berrios and Wilson Frost—then on the Cook County Board of Tax Appeals—from giving a big property tax break to the owners of the Sears Tower.

Talk about no-shot campaigns.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, Quinn lost that maverick voice—probably after he got elected as Rod Blagojevich’s lieutenant governor.

Apparently it’s back with a vengeance—as evidence by his Columbus Day fusillade, where he called Mayor Rahm Emanuel a backstabbing, two-timing, weasel, mother . . .

Well, my words not his.