One of the many small pleasures of our march into summer is the appearance of flyers for neighborhood yard sales. As the days grow longer and warmer, it seems like more and more of these notes promising unexpected treasures blossom on light posts. I’ve flipped through too many scratched-up CDs and worn VHS tapes to want to go out of my way to drop by a yard sale these days, but if you’re on the hunt for some new music and into flipping through LPs in the sun, head to East Room on Saturday afternoon for Do312’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Market.

A little more than two dozen shops, record labels, and organizations will be selling their wares at the Logan Square hot spot. Maximum Pelt and FeelTrip are among the primo labels at the market, CHIRP will be selling off LPs, and Teen Witch Fan Club will have a spot as well—here’s hoping there will be enough copies of Teen Witch magazine to go around. Given that it’s a “Rock ‘N’ Roll” market there will be plenty of music in the air. Mama, White Mystery, and Flesh Panthers, whose great new NGC 2632 is one of six local albums I reviewed in this week’s B Side feature, will perform. White Mystery’s Alex White will also spin records, along with Glorified Jukebox and CHIRP’s DJs. The whole thing kicks off at 1 PM and runs down at 6 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to check out one of the shows we’ve highlighted in Soundboard afterwards.