Graham Elliot hosts a Combos tasting October 3
  • Graham Elliot hosts a Combos tasting October 3

Figures. The week we introduce our new Bleader feature on the restaurant scene, there just isn’t much doing. Forager-chef-owner Iliana Regan’s Elizabeth, profiled by Julia Thiel earlier this month, received its first write-up after opening last week. Billy Dec‘s Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ is now offering Sunday brunch, serving novelties like a Thai Benedict with house-made sausage, sauteed water spinach, and red coconut hollandaise. John Manion’s Fulton Street restaurant La Sirena Clandestina still has “soon” as its opening date.

Perhaps more intriguing is a press release announcing a luncheon to be hosted by Graham Elliot at Graham Elliot Bistro October 3. “Over the years,” the PR explains, “COMBOS fans have suggested outrageous flavor combinations for the delectable cheese-filled snack, and now the brand has put these wild and wacky taste combinations to the test.” Elliot’s event will feature “some off-the-wall flavor combinations including Ketchup & Egg COMBOS, Pickles & Ice Cream COMBOS and more!”