The Huffington Post’s local “aggregation” wing1 2 straight stole our entire Bon Iver Critic’s Choice–they didn’t ask permission (“read the whole article”? that is the whole article, dumbass). Here’s a screen shot (or click the thumbnail), since we’re obviously about to ask them to take it down.

Update: I guess they left off the time, price, and Vic address/contact info. Perhaps that’s what counts as “fair use” in this bright future we live in now.

I’m skeptical of places that mostly rewrite existing content without adding to it or making dumb jokes, but this is outright theft.

Local Web editors: keep an eye on them.

1. “ChuffPo”, as I belive TOC Web editor Scott Smith cleverly termed it.

2. Also note the ginormous, ugly, pointless-to-the-reader tag cloud (click through to the screen shot if the page is gone). ONE DAY YOU WILL BE CALLED TO ANSWER FOR YOUR SEO DARK ARTS.