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I generally don’t make a practice of doing restaurants’ public relations work for them. When a new place sends out its menu, I like to leave it to others more skilled in the art of cut and paste. But last night Grant Achatz e-mailed the menu for the Office, the superexclusive invitation-only bar in the basement of the Aviary, and while food bloggers across the land were busy fantasizing about the $25 sundae for two and the $65 foie gras terrine, I sat pondering the cocktail list. The drinks certainly look interesting, incorporating unusual ingredients such as tonka beans, lovage, and corn husks, but the prices are higher than any other cocktail lounge in town.

While most of us will never access the Office, Achatz himself is nothing if not accessible. He was kind enough to quickly reply to a few follow-up questions explaining the steep prices. What he said after the jump.