Tramonto’s Steak and Seafood, Rick Tramonto’s steak house in the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, is a multimillion dollar design wonder with a floor to ceiling wine wall, those plush handbag ottomans that first appeared at Tru, and an imposing black velvet-style painting of a resting steer glowering over a dining room full of predators. But check out the minoSharp one handed salt and pepper mills at each table. These small, heavy steel gadgets look like riot control devices or nuclear detonators out of a Bond film, and neatly pulverize salt and pepper with the push of the thumb. Our busser told us they have to be swept away before the check comes because they tend to fall into pockets and purses. They’re manufactured by Sointu USA, who also sell Global Knives, and retail for $59.95 on Amazon. [ETA: But they’re $19.95 apiece at Crate and Barrel.]

As for the food? Gary Wiviott’s review is coming soon here