• FGFM and the original IAC

“It’s weird,” the original IAC commented on our site at 2:25 this morning. “I think that’s around the fourth or fifth time in the past week that I’ve agreed with a comment made by FGFM. That’s probably about equal to the entire time beforehand.”

To which FGFM responded five hours later, in his fashion, “Thanks for sharing.”

Another commenter had suggested the Reader convert to a nonprofit, but had wondered how realistic an idea it was. “Not terribly,” FGFM had said. That was the response IAC seconded.

FGFM and IAC are two of the Reader‘s most-frequent commenters. They are both erudite, but seem opposites in other respects. FGFM is politically liberal, IAC conservative. FGFM’s avatar is Al Capone chomping on a cigar; IAC has none. FGFM is cranky and sarcastic, IAC cranky and literal.