Chefs were crawling all over the Green City Market this morning, hauling away flats of purple asparagus, young garlic, and spring greens, which dominate the produce selection this early in the season. Always nice to see that happening outside the context of a photo op.

The usual non-veg vendors supplemented the offerings; beautiful stuff at the Bleeding Heart and (newcomer) Delightful Pastries tables. I got some spring lamb tongues from Mint Creek Farm and some 15-month-old bandaged cheddar from Wisconsin’s Brunkow Cheese. Over at the demo table Sarah Stegner was plating it with dandelion greens, and Bruce Sherman put together some radish, asparagus and Prairie Pure Cheese crostini. All in all a typically shiny, happy start to the season, with strangers peeking into each others bags, swapping recipe ideas, etc. Check out the attached pix.

This Saturday Rick Bayless is leading a sustainable ag pep rally at the market. Rah spring!