Credit: Jason Wyatt Frederick

Donald Trump is president. Our oceans are turning into globe-spanning acid baths. Illinois is on the verge of becoming a banana republic. But perhaps you’d like to distract yourself from the impending apocalypse with our annual Pitchfork Music Festival cover-illustration contest.

Take an extra long look at the Jason Wyatt Frederick illustration on the cover of this week’s Reader, our annual Pitchfork preview. It’s a little like Where’s Waldo?, except you’re trying to find dozens of people, and you don’t know in advance who any of them are. With a little patience and an eye for visual puns, though, you’ll find a plethora of Chicagoans (well-known and obscure) and lots of Pitchfork artists.

Here’s the contest part: Name as many people and musical acts from the cover as you can and e-mail your answers (with your full name) to The person who correctly identifies the most will win a pair of three-day passes to this weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival. To get a better view, click the image above for a bigger version. (If you’re on a mobile device, click this link to zoom in.)

Deadline is 2 PM on Thursday, July 13, so hurry up and enter! It’s your chance to score free drinks, side-of-stage access, and more at this year’s big indie-rock party in Union Park.