A question frequently posed during our recent election season is this one: How in God’s name did we get to this point?

The day before the election the Tribune carries a modest story back on page 13 about races for governor across the country. One of the close ones was in Missouri. Reporter Nigel Duara (of the Los Angeles Times) told us;

Chris Koster, the Democratic candidate for governor, has sought to make it clear to prospective voters that he supports a bill that eliminates training requirements to carry a concealed weapon, demonstrating the lengths candidates must go in to assure the state’s voters of their commitment to traditional conservative principles.

Presumably Duara gave this passage more than five seconds of thought. Presumably his LA Times editors did too. Likewise the Tribune editors who adapted Duara’s original story for our local consumption, making several changes but not the one that would matter.

So the story must be accurate and I could only marvel:

When did the freedom to carry a loaded gun hidden on the person of someone who has no idea how to handle it come to be considered a “traditional conservative principle”?

OK, I’ve asked. Koster lost. Carry on.