It wasn’t until Guru died that most people learned about his messed-up relationship with producer and manager Solar. Rumors arose almost immediately that Solar had written Guru’s “deathbed” letter, which bashes the rapper’s former Gang Starr collaborator DJ Premier and refers to Solar as his “best friend.” And this weekend an enterprising Guru fan hacked into Solar’s e-mail and then used Solar’s Twitter account, also hacked, to post incriminating messages regarding Solar’s creepy hijacking of Guru’s life and his willingness to profit from his death. In the e-mails—many of which the Village Voice has already confirmed as legit—Solar boasts about his control over access to Guru, pumps up Guru’s death as a potential album mover, and defends himself (though not very well) against claims that he physically abused and intimidated Guru. One e-mail appears to be an early draft of the alleged Guru deathbed message; another indicates that Solar pressured Guru into touring rather than seeking a cancer treatment that might’ve saved his life. It’s sad but strangely fascinating stuff.