You know that statement Guru supposedly wrote before he died? The one where he bagged on his ex-partner DJ Premier and basically sounded like a complete ass? As I and a lot of other people suspected, it didn’t actually come from Guru. In a statement to the Source Guru’s sister, Patricia Elam, writes: “GURU was in a coma from mid February until his death and never regained consciousness.” Obviously this means he was in no shape to compose a weirdly vitriolic and petty-seeming good-bye letter. Suspicion has naturally fallen on Solar, Guru’s partner for the past few years, who issued the statement—which includes a really awkward passage where Guru is supposed to have referred to him as his best friend, and which reads really flop-sweaty. Solar has vehemently denied that the letter’s a fake, but the fact that his vehement denial showed up on the dead rapper’s Twitter account doesn’t do much to help his case.