• Gypsyblood

When I wrote about Gypsyblood last month, we were still stuck in the long ass-end of the winter. Now that the sun has formally reacquainted itself with Chicago, I feel it’s worth bringing them up again, and in particular the song “Take Your Picture,” which opens the group’s thoroughly great album Cold in the Guestway. In the coming months of nice weather, if you find yourself taking a stoned car ride (preferably in a convertible, and with a designated driver, of course) you should make sure to bring a mix CD or iPod playlist with “Take Your Picture” on it. With its massive hooks, surfeit of crunchy guitars, and overall slow-motion vibe, the song was basically made for that sort of thing.

The band just premiered a video for “Take Your Picture” that stars man-about-town Ralph Darden (aka DJ Major Taylor), a pug wearing a necklace, and a little girl who seems psyched to be starring in a music video. It’s after the jump.