Whether a small-town hockey mom from just below the arctic circle is anyone’s idea of a “cool” commander in chief (even if theoretically she’s not a presidential candidate, but with only an irascible 72-year-old guy standing between her and Oval Office infamy, who knows what the future might bring?) remains to be seen, but the people at Spout.com have come up with a list of ten film presidents they’d like us to consider as the epitome of hip.

Well, I dunno. Not counting the ineffable Tiny Lister my own vote probably goes to the tres (as in tragically) hip Polly Bergen in Kisses for My President (1964), from the year of Goldwater and Johnson (and let’s not forget William Miller, the Sarah Palin of his day) and not the best time in the world for chief-executive soigne. Or maybe I’m simply confusing cool with Dada, as in Duchamp’s urinal et al. But one thing’s for sure: Fred MacMurray still ranks as the most bloodcurdling First Lady in film history.

Lost in Alaska, anyone?