• This is not the actual cipher

Half Acre has made the label for its newest beer, Cipher—a Belgian-style blond ale weighing in at 7.5 percent alcohol—an actual cipher. Those who solve the code will be able to enter a drawing, which offers various prizes—the grand prize is a brewery tour for a group of ten and a VIP ticket to THOTCON 0×3, the sold-out hacker conference taking place in Chicago at the end of April. “This code may be very difficult for you or very easy for another,” says the Half Acre blog. “Some may see nothing and some may see the answer.”

They’ve posted an image that’s presumably similar to the label, but doesn’t contain the code—that’s only printed on the label, so you’ll have to buy the beer to solve it. Yes, it’s a marketing ploy. But it’s a pretty cool one. The beer went on sale at noon today, and costs $8 for a bomber bottle, $13 for a growler fill.