Impulse purchases often lead to serendipitous gastronomical results–a bushel of apples ends up in a great tarte tatin, for instance, or as a new recipe for wacky 10,000-apple apple butter–but once in a while you just wind up staring blankly at your new produce, a hopeless kitchen stand off. Recently I couldn’t resist buying a bag of 30-40 fragrant, totally adorable, glowing greeny-yellow key limes–and now I have no idea what to do with them. They are just chilling in the fridge, batting their eyelashes at me.

Yes, I could make key lime pie, especially after I invent the world’s smallest, most adorable citrus reamer to juice them. But I’m suffering from localism (hypocritically, given that I’ve already bought the limes). I just don’t wanna make key lime pie in Chicago. I like it best on a hot day in Florida or in my memory, with a fat, sugary, graham cracker crust that crumbles on your tongue and so much tartness it’s barely rescued by the creamy sweetness in the filling and piles of fluffy cream on top.

But it turns out there are very few other key lime-specific recipes. All are either variations on the Pie, or salsas and toppings that allow for key limes as a variant but really require only the usual Persians. Any ideas out there?