Happy Valentines Day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

Outside of being pretty much the best restaurant ever, Handlebar boasts an incredibly musical staff. Valentine’s Day will see the restaurant closing its doors for the night and gathering all the staff bands together on the Empty Bottle’s stage to celebrate a decade in the business. Pink Frost (formerly known as Apteka) will be headlining the event with their guitar-heavy alternative rock. The Runnies, the organ-forward garage trio featuring Russ Calderwood of Radar Eyes and Mary McKane of Outer Minds, will be playing as well, along with Touched by Ghoul, Melina Ausikaitis, and Old Black & Blue Eyes. The night will be DJ’d by Gel Set. All the staff members’ bands are awesome, so this will be an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day. The only thing that could make this better would be if Handlebar brought a few giant pots of its life-changing mac ‘n’ cheese to the show.