Greektown stalwart the Parthenon celebrated 40 years in the business in July with the release of The Parthenon Cookbook, by former Sun-Times food editor Camille Stagg, a nostalgic look at the restaurant’s history along with a bunch of recipes from skordalia to pastitsio to avgolemono.

I maintain that the best thing at the Parthenon is the house-made loukaniko, for which there’s no recipe. There is one, however, for that infamous Parthenon innovation saganaki, the battered, fried, and flamed cheese invented by proprietor Chris Liakouras that spread around the world with a million Opaas! Stagg carefully warns readers not to flambé the stuff at home–after all, look what happened to this poor woman–instead offering a precise description of how the staff does it: “The waiter pours 1/2 shot of brandy over each cheese serving and then ignites and serves it, dousing the flame with lemon juice.”

You’d have never figured out that one on your own, huh?