• Three Dots and a Dash

The big day’s nearly here—National Crab Rangoon Day! Frankly, I have no idea if there really is a National Crab Rangoon Day or not (the kids didn’t get the day off of school, I know that much), but Three Dots and a Dash will be celebrating it anyway given the dish’s possible invention by, and close association with, Polynesian and tiki restaurants in the 1950s. (They say Trader Vic’s in San Francisco has the earliest documented version, from 1956, but it’s very possible they predate that. They always seemed kind of classic Jewish-Chinese food to me, which makes New York a likelier point of origin. The world may never know!) Anyway, $11 tonight will get you a basket of three different kinds—green curry, smoky and spicy, and blue crab.

Also coming up is Valentine’s Day; here are a few last minute V-Day ideas, plus other things happening in the next few days, including a pair of bourbon-barrel beer dinners.

• There’s crab if not Rangoon at Bites Asian Tapas, which has a Valentine’s Day procession of tapas-sized things for two on Friday and Saturday; it’s $35 per person.

• Here’s a pretty good-sounding deal: an almost all-lobster menu at Fish Bar, including lobster, lobster bisque, and oysters for $44. Go here.

• Dusek’s is offering a five-course menu with, believe it or not, roast dove as its third course. Is that romantic or not? You’ll have to judge for yourself your loved one’s feelings. It’s $65, $80 with beer, or $90 with wine pairings. Call 312-526-3851.

• Graham Elliot Bistro has a “heart” menu (romaine hearts, artichoke hearts, beef heart, hearts of palm) for $95 or $140, depending on size of portions (hence the names Ace of Hearts and Two of Hearts)

• Katharine Anne Confections will have a truffle-making party for $65 per person, $120 for two. There will be champagne and treats, and you go home with a box of what you helped make. Go here for tickets.

• On Saturday local meat website Red Meat Market is presenting “Eat Your Heart Out” at the Chop Shop, “a night of carnivorous debauchery, butchery, and culinary delight mixing butchering, eating, and drinking with live music and stand-up comedy.” It’s $50; go here.

• And if your significant other is four legged, hit Twisted Spoke on Saturday night for a fund-raiser for the Wicker Park dog park; Goose Island donated a keg and there will be a silent auction.

• Sunday Dinner Club extended its cassoulet dinner at Half Acre to a second night, Monday, for just $40. Go here.

• Next Tuesday the Publican will host a Three Floyds dinner with dishes from Paul Kahan and chefs from Blackbird, Avec, the Publican, and Big Star, and different Three Floyds brews that Kahan and crew worked on. It’s $135, with a portion of the proceeds going to Pilot Light, a nonprofit focused on nutrition for schoolkids. E-mail melissa@thepublicanrestaurant.com for tickets.

• Next Wednesday Longman & Eagle (whose pastry chef Jeremy Brutzkus is featured in the latest edition of our Key Ingredient series) will have a special five-course dinner celebrating Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout line, including some cellared past brews. There are two seatings, at 6:30 and 9 PM, and it’s $85; e-mail sarah@longmanandeagle.com for reservations.

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