The fight between Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic Records over the fate of his third album, Lasers, got pretty intense, and for a while it looked like it might not get released. But while Lupe isn’t yet the megastar that Atlantic might have hoped for, he’s got some pretty devoted fans, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to protest the label’s treatment of Lasers. That’s happening right now in New York and Chicago, in person and on Twitter. The fact that Atlantic recently announced a release date for the album doesn’t seem to have done much to deter them.

A few hours ago there was a pretty impressive-looking crowd outside of the Atlantic offices in NYC, and the already bizarre quality of the event—is it still considered a protest? is it just a Lupe love-in?—has been amplified greatly by Warner Music Group head and notorious hip-hop power broker Lyor Cohen heading into the crowd to play some of Lasers on a boombox.

The notoriously cranky and hilarious proprietor of the hip-hop blog Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes, Noz, has not-so-surprisingly come up with the best Twitter snark regarding the event: