Tom Roeser is old enough to have had Dennis Hastert in a summer-school politics class back when the current Speaker of the House was just a wrestling coach with a yen for politics. At his blog, Roeser traces Hastert’s remarkably fortunate career, concluding with the envenomed truth of which only he is capable:   

“Denny Hastert is one who is wallowing alone without his old mentors to tell him what to do.”

But Hastert’s not the only one Roeser would throw under the bus. His fundamental conclusion from the scandal is that the Republican Party is–wait for it–excessively tolerant: 

Sappy tolerance for homosexuality should be eradicated from the Republican party. Just as a congressional candidate has to account for excessive drinking, womanizing, gambling, business improprieties, and other vices, there should be no silent murmur that forbids the raising of the issue of homosexuality. For that matter, the Bush White House has a staffer who manages liaison with homosexuals. Why? The official Republican party has what it calls the ‘Log Cabin Republicans’–a caucus of homosexuals. It is an open secret that GOP presidential candidates try to schmooze them.”

Well. Unlike Bush and Cheney, he’s no hypocrite. The moral for gays–even the conservative-minded–is bleak but obvious: Being attracted to the same sex isn’t a choice. Voting Republican is.