Ben Joravsky, The Works, almost exactly three years ago (emphasis mine):

“The city’s broke, the CTA’s broke, but on May 11 the City Council approved plans to build a $213.3 million underground superstation in the Loop–a hub for express trains that someday will run to and from O’Hare and Midway. Nobody pointed out that there’s only enough money on hand to build the superstation. Nobody said where the city would find more money to build the tunnels and miles of new track for the express trains. So now millions of desperately needed dollars are earmarked for a project that may never be completed.”

Greg Hinz, Crain’s, yesterday:

“Until even more money is found, those people say, the semi-completed station will be mothballed, much like an unfinished basement in a home whose owner has poured the concrete but can’t afford to install carpeting, paneling and other finishing touches.”

Ross Miller’s book on Block 37, Here’s the Deal: The Buying and Selling of a Great American City, is a great work that puts the debacle in the context of Chicago politics, architecture, and urban planning. And, either amazingly or not, over a decade later the story is still the same. I’ll have much more on Block 37 when I get my ducks in a row.