Marc Ambinder (A REPORTED BLOG ON POLITICS!) notes “caucus problems” blamed on the Obama campaign:

“The Clinton campaign said tonight that Obama precinct workers illegally obtained caucus packets. . . . Basically, whoever ‘gets the packet’ controls the caucus. Technically, before the caucus begins at 7:15 CT, the packet is controlled by the precinct judge. But in reality, it might just be laying on a table somewhere . . . . There’s nothing the state party can or will do. They’re overwhelmed at the moment.”

Laugh at us and our invisible-ink pens all you want, but that’s nothing compared to Magic Packets, lying around like Wonka tickets, that actually control the democratic process.

In less amusing news, I can’t believe we have seven more months of listening to John McCain wait for applause that people aren’t sure whether or not to give.

Update: MSNBC and NBC are projecting Ohio for Hillary. And it’s all Austan Goolsbee’s fault. Goolsbee!

Update II: A handy seven-page guide to running a Texas caucus (PDF). If you can figure it out, you should take the LSAT. Via.

Update III: More like Ghoulsbee.

Update IV: A democracy, if you can find the packets first keep it.