Bradford Cox from Deerhunter got mugged over the weekend. The dude used to bother me pretty harshly, but I’ve revised my opinion after reading his blog—which is basically a long, sustained “fuck you” of moderate-to-severe intensity toward anyone who wants to mess with his personal program—and after reading his two-way interview with Dennis Cooper in the most recent issue of ANP Quarterly, aka the best magazine since Don Diva.

So I understand that Bradford getting mugged is a suckness of substantial size. But I think the real tragedy here is that no blog that I’ve seen covering it has gone for the gold with what I would consider to be the only headline this story could have: “The Deerhunter Becomes the Deerhunted.” I’ve been watching my RSS feed all day, waiting to see those words roll in, but nothing.

But despite not using my main choice for the Deerhunter piece, Drowned in Sound sort of wins the Internet today for running the headline, “Gwen Stefani’s Tits Annoy Malaysia.” There is some real truth buried somewhere in those five words.