• Jason Howell
  • The Cubs paying for a Wrigley Field fix-up is as unlikely as this scenario.

The big news out of last week’s Cubs Convention came when team owner Tom Ricketts announced, “The guy named Ben from the Reader‘s right—we don’t need public money to fix up Wrigley Field!”

OK, well—he didn’t really say that, or refer to the Reader or me at all.

But he has switched his tune and is singing a song that I can appreciate.

Instead of saying he really, really needs a handout or he can’t fix up Wrigley Field . . .

He’s saying—keep the money, Chicago. Just let me make more money by erecting some big advertising signs, staging more night games, and closing off Sheffield during games.

Or, as Ricketts put it, “Let us go about doing our business and then we’ll take care of ourselves.”