As a website devoted to Internet culture, Urlesque is vaguely tautological and mildly existentially horrifying, but on most days it’s also pretty hilarious and entertaining. Right now it’s running a contest for Best New Single Topic Blog as part of its 2010 year-end awards (infelicitously called the “Urlies”). Among the nominees is Album Tacos, a brilliantly simple and often just plain brilliant blog devoted to Photoshopping well-known album covers to include tacos and/or references to tacos. Album Tacos is the work of local DJ/production duo the Hood Internet, whose love of creating music-geeky mashups is almost as deep as their love of fast food.

Album Tacos is currently leading the poll, but you should consider it your civic duty to add your own vote. If a local were to win the 2010 Best New Single Topic Blog Urlie, it’d surely restore some of the respect our city lost when it was passed over for the Olympics. And since Internet buzz is rapidly replacing actual money as our primary currency, we could use this win to really pump some Beenz into Chicago’s economy.