• Henry Rollins

I like to bag on Henry Rollins, mostly because it’s so very easy. Most intelligent people I know who’ve made it over a hundred pages into Get In the Van can extemporize an ersatz vintage Rollins diary entry, eg. “Woke up in the shed. Lifted weights while drinking coffee and thinking about how fucked up shit is in the world and how badly I want to punch it. All of it. Last night a girl came up to me after the show and tried to talk to me and it made me feel weird.”

But the facts remain that Rollins is the second or third best Black Flag vocalist, that he’s spent his post-Flag career grinding harder than anyone this side of Lil Wayne, and that after several decades of getting up in front of people to entertain them he’s become incredibly good at it. He’ll be at the Oak Park Public Library tomorrow to present his new book, Occupants, which documents his travels to such far-flung destinations as Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Northern Ireland. He’ll be reading from the book and signing copies, and given my past experiences with him it should be entertaining. It’s not related to the book in any way but if you can somehow convince him to tell the story about waking up from a three-day septic fever resulting from punching a dude’s teeth out and his first thoughts being how he could rub one out with all of the IVs and such protruding from himself I highly recommend it.

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