• Uncle Jam wants you . . . to go see George Clinton on Saturday.

On Saturday none other than George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic play at the Venue at Horseshoe Casino, a venue befitting the ersatz spectacle that is the present-day version of the legendary 70s band. I haven’t seen Clinton and P-Funk since the mid-2000s, but the few times I saw them play, well, let’s just say the performances were inconsistent. However, that doesn’t diminish the mightiness of Clinton and his ensembles during the 70s, and what better reminder than “(Not Just) Knee Deep,” the centerpiece of Funkadelic‘s 1979 album Uncle Jam Wants You. Perhaps most famous for providing the bedrock of De La Soul‘s equally indefatigable “Me Myself & I,” “(Not Just) Knee Deep” has a groove, bridge, and chorus so manic and infectious that Funkadelic basically just keeps repeating it for 15 minutes. Good call! It’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track—listen to it below.