I just found out off of Metafilter that legendary steel guitar player “Sneaky Pete” Kleinow has died at age 72. I first heard Sneaky Pete’s name after getting I got heavy into the Flying Burrito Brothers, the band that encouraged him to record what still stand as the most far-out psychedelic steel guitar parts ever to hit pop music. But he also played in sessions with a ton of other amazing acts, and seeing his name in the liner notes to a record in the used bin at Reckless has long been a reason for me to drop a hard-earned $3.99.

What I didn’t know before tonight is that Sneaky Pete was also a special effects guy and stop-action animator who worked on Empire Strikes Back, made Gumby move, and probably fucked a whole bunch of dogs’ worldviews up with the Gravy Train chuck wagon. Before, I was just jealous of the guy’s musical abilities. Now I think that he probably won the game of life harder than anyone I’ve ever heard of.