If you ever worked for Conrad Black you might have wished you could mount his head on your wall. Now you can! A portrait of Black done by Andy Warhol in the early 1980s will be auctioned off in New York next month. London’s Telegraph has the details. (The Telegraph, like the Sun-Times, used to be a Black paper. The Telegraph was far closer to his heart — owning it was his ticket into Britain’s House of Lords.)

Black counted Warhol among his pals, and the press baron — who now awaits sentencing after being convicted in Chicago last July of fraud  — owned four Warhols of himself, all silkscreened prints in different colors. Today a Vancouver museum has one, Black still has another, and Christie’s will auction off the other two. Christie’s expects the portrait that’ll be on the block next month to fetch from $150,000 to $200,000. The price is of some interest to Black — not that he’ll see a penny of it. His old holding company, Ravelston, is in receivership and whatever the auction raises will be turned over to creditors, but Black must eventually pay something comparable to hang onto the portrait he’s been allowed to keep.