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It’s embarrassing to admit that the thing that made me start thinking seriously about economics for the first time since high school was a shortage of pastry. Particularly why some local bakeries have decided to stay open to sell bread or doughnuts only as long as supplies last, not until a set closing time. Did they do it to increase demand, knowing that if you need to get up early and repeatedly check a Twitter feed to get a loaf of bread that may disappear by the time you get to the front of the line, it only makes the bread seem more valuable? (That’s called scarcity.)

That’s not the case at Hewn, a new artisan bakery in Evanston, says head baker and co-owner Ellen King. At least not intentionally.

“The whole principle of our business,” she says, “is that we want to be totally in touch with the bread. We hand mix the bread so we can make adjustments. We ferment the bread for a long time. It’s an antiquated method, but it improves the taste. It also limits the amount of bread we can produce.”