Take a look at these charterheads!
  • Brian Jackson/Sun-Times Media
  • Take a look at these charterheads!

It’s come to my attention that the charterheads of Chicago are really, really mad at me ever since last week’s column, where I pointed out that the unionized public schools are whooping the asses of the nonunion charters in standardized test scores.

Here, read all about it . . .

As I pointed out, I’m reluctant to even make such comparisons cause I think standardized tests are a misleading way to evaluate teachers and schools.

Moreover, as I also pointed out, I have nothing against charter schools in theory. In fact, I want their teachers to make more money and have better job protection. Also, I appreciate the fact that many charters—ironically, the lower-scoring high schools—are providing havens for students who are one step away from dropping out.